About Us

Our Management strategy defines our growth with our experience and the trust by our customers. Our Success is due to our tireless efforts and maintenance of the Supreme Quality of our Products. Our motto from the inception is "QUALITY, QUALITY AND QUALITY". Even in purchasing the raw materials for our Spice Products, we adhere to QUALITY. The raw materials are cleaned free from foreign materials by sieving in mechanical sieves and separators and dried. Grinding is done hygienically in modern pulverisers keeping intact the natural flavours and taste. Packing of the "NATARAJ" Spice Powders, thus produced, is done untouched by hand.

With a fleet of vehicles for distributing the products promptly on time to our sellers. Our products are being exported through export houses. We have satisfied customers wherever our products are marketed, who will vouch for our Quality and Prompt Supply. All these are made possible not only by our efforts, but also by the untiring and sincere work of our dedicated work force, of which 70% are female workers.

The humble beginning with a 600 sq. Ft. Factory, and 10 employees, has grown into a big establishment of a 30,000 sq. Ft. Factory having modern and sophisticated machinery in two units under SSI Registration, with more than 100 direct employees and indirectly giving employment to several persons. Equipped with latest and advanced machinery like Pulverisers, Roasters, Blending Machines, dryers, Electronic Weighing Machines and Automatic Filling Weighing and Sealing Machines.

Manufactured under Hygenic environment, using Automated Machines for processing from beginning to end of packing, NATARAJ - The Brand for Quality and Taste, comes with easy to use packages, retaining its fresh flavours till the time of consumption and good taste that no one can ever forget. Our Products are the best in satisfying the consumer needs for Masala powder, Pickles and Kitchen Food Powder Products.

Nataraj Masala is the Manufacturer & Supplier of Masala Products that is made with a special mix of supreme quality raw materials procured from the places of origin of the products across India.