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Biriyani Masala brands-The best combination of flavouring spices combined with Natural taste agents to provide better taste in Biriyani.The raw materials are cleaned with special machinary to provide customer with hygenic and tasty foods.Nataraj Masala is enriched with quality as well as tasty.We provide Agmark Quality Masala products only.


Used for Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Pulavs is a blend of the spices ‘Clove, Cardamom, Cashewnut, Star Flower, Cinnamon Bark and Fennel Seed’.

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Recipe: (Vegetarian Biriyani)


Biriyani Rice 2 cups, Ghee 100 ml, Onion (big), Green Chilly 10, Elachi 4, Large Jeera 2 table spoons, Pineapple 2, Coconut ½, Cauli Flower 100 gram, Carrot 200 Gram, Green Peas 200 Gram, Potato 1, Beans 50 gram, Bread slice 4, Coriander leaves, Pudina, Salt, Garlic 2, Ginger 25 gram

How to do?

Fry cashewnut in ghee and make grind to small pieces. Cut Potato into big pieces, and others into equal sized pieces. Bake in Pressure cooker with salt and keep separately. Remove the leaves of coriander and pudina separately, wash them and keep separately. Fry the Onion (cut to small pieces) till it comes to brown color. Grind Ginger and Garlic and add with Onion and add NATARAJ BIRIYANI MASALA powder and mix well in medium fire. Add ground green chilli and coconut milk to this and mix till the milk boils. Now add the mix with Biriyani rice, salt, NATARAJ TURMERIC Powder, cut vegetables and mix them. Keep them in Pressure cooker to cook. After the rice is cooked add Lemon juice, Bread slices (small pieces), Coriander and Pudina Leaves, and mix them a little. Close the lid for some time. The tasty Vegetable Biriyani is ready.

Our biriyani masala powder is a flavoring agent. A 15 gms pack can be used for 1 kg of biriyani preparation. This biriyani masala can also be used for making soups. Can also be used as sprinklers in popcorn, samosa mix and other fast food items.