Nataraj Masala

Nataraj Masala is the Manufacturer & Supplier of Masala Products that made with a special mix of supreme quality raw materials selected from all over India, our products made its presence in the dining item of our customer. The raw materials are cleaned free from foreign materials by sieving in mechanical sieves and separators and dried. Individual Drying machines with moisture controlled drying for each raw materials to be dried / fried.

The humble beginning with a 600 sq.ft. Factory, and 10 employees, has grown into a big establishment of 30000 sq.ft. Factory having modern and sophisticated machinery in two units under SSI Registration, with more than 100 direct employees and indirectly giving employment to several persons. The factory is equipped with latest and advanced machinery like Pulverisers, Roasters, Blending Machines, Driers, Electronic Weighing Machines and Automatic Filling Weighing and Sealing Machines.

To maintain quality standards in our product in retaining the freshness we shifted our Factory from Tuticorin to Sivakasi to control and maintain moisture required. Our Production Facility functions with the latest machinery to facilitate quality production and enhance faster delivery system. Our automated machinery is strictly supervised and operated with efficient and skilled employees with quality control in operation and production of final products.

Our Product