• 1 cup peanuts - 160 grams of peanuts
    • ⅓ cup powdered or grated or chopped jaggery

  • Fast Food Heat a thick bottomed pan. Keep the flame to low or medium and add the raw peanuts.
  • Fast Food Stirring at intervals begin to roast the peanuts.
  • Fast Food Keep on roasting till the peanuts become crunchy.
  • Fast Food The peanuts should not have even a bit of rawness in them. They should be roasted very well.
  • Fast Food Just cool and taste a few peanuts. You should not feel even a bit of hardness or rawness while eating them.
  • Fast Food If yes then continue to roast for some more minutes. You can even roast the peanuts in an oven.
  • Fast Food Once the peanuts are roasted well, keep the pan down and let the peanuts cool at room temperature.
  • Fast Food When the peanuts come at room temperature, rub the peanuts between your palms, so that their skin peels off.
  • Fast Food Do this with all the peanuts. This part of peeling peanuts takes some time.
  • Fast Food Now add the peanuts in a grinder jar.
  • Fast Food Add jaggery powder or grated jaggery.
  • Fast Food Grind till you get a coarse consistency in the peanuts.
  • Fast Food Now take a small portion of the ladoo mixture in your palms and begin to shape it into peanut ladoos.
  • Fast Food Make ladoos with the rest of the mixture.
  • Fast Food Serve these healthy peanut ladoos plain as a sweet snack.